3D Dreams: A Tale of a Science Communication Adventure with the Welsh Animation Industry, which didn’t happen

The story of how I set out with a small animation production company on a project to make a series of short 3D films, where our CGI characters would visit astroparticle physics experiments around the world: exploring gamma-ray astronomy in the Namib desert, dark matter searches in a deep underground laboratory, and balloon-borne neutrino detectors flown over the Antarctic ice. This promised to be an epic SciComm adventure, but we didn’t get funded.

Explaining Nucleosynthesis with Lego

One of the most successful props I have used at outreach events is the “Build Your Own Universe” Lego kits produced by QMUL. These are incredibly simple—the kit just consists of a bag of red and yellow Lego bricks. But this is all you need to explain primordial and stellar nucleosynthesis—that is, how the atoms…