Science Communication with My Little Pony Fan Fiction

Despite enduring a certain stigma, fan fiction is a totally legitimate form of culture and a powerful tool to engage with a young audience about science. Here I explain how I have used cartoon ponies as a springboard to talk about everything from the physics of rainbows to nuclear reactors.

Life, Particle Physics, and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is something I have lived with all my life. To mark CMT Awareness Month, here is a particle physicist’s description of the condition. I tell my story of the distracting problems I have had with my hands and feet while I was working on the search for dark matter and building instruments to explore the interactions of fundamental particles.

Popular Science Books and University Admissions

We are now approaching the time of year when thousands of teenagers are fretting about university admissions, dreaming about an exciting future, and perhaps already drafting personal statements to put on application forms. Many will list the books they have read that have inspired them to opt for physics, chemistry, archaeology and anthropology, or whatever. But what books will most impress an admissions tutor? This is a simple question, but as I will try to explain, a full answer is not as simple as a list of titles.